Progressive Collapse

Concrete building structures whether, insitu or precast, are required to perform in the event of accidental damage or explosion by meeting the design criteria set out in BS8110 for progressive collapse.

Within the building structure, ties are incorporated to resist calculated forces determined by a variety of factors, including:

number of stories
centres of walls / size of spans
total loads carried

These are achieved by the use of the following ties incorporated into the precast cross-wall design:

vertical ties
horizontal ties
peripheral ties
internal ties

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Joints between panels are tied together using pre-shuttered insitu-fill to create a robust joint with minimal finishing required. The joints use wire ties designed to meet the specific tie-force criteria, but also to allow flexibility in assembly tolerances during erection.

Peripheral and internal ties use high strength steel strand within the nominal insitu joints at cross-wall locations and around the perimeter of the building to create a continuous tie arrangement.

Building design is analysed for structural stability by Precast Structures consultants who have extensive knowledge in the design stability of cross-wall building structures.