Progressive Collapse

Joints between panels are tied together using pre-shuttered insitu-fill to create a robust joint with minimal finishing required. The joints use wire ties designed to meet the specific tie-force criteria, but also to allow flexibility in assembly tolerances during erection.

Peripheral and internal ties use high strength steel strand within the nominal insitu joints at cross-wall locations and around the perimeter of the building to create a continuous tie arrangement.

Building design is analysed for structural stability by Precast Structures consultants who have extensive knowledge in the design stability of cross-wall building structures.

Precast Concrete Structures Ltd

Precast Concrete Structures (PCS) is the industry specialist in the design, manufacture and erection of offsite modular building techniques using precast concrete manufactured by our manufacturing partners. We have the ability to choose the best design solution for your specific project utilizing a wealth of precast concrete options.

PCS has built a reputation based on extensive experience of economical design, the latest manufacturing processes and the use of composite steel and concrete materials most appropriate to the project.

The adoption of Modern Methods of building construction is limited when restricted to a single material and is often constrained by conventional design thinking.

PCS designs are innovative in both manufacture and concept. By directly employing in house erection teams the practicality of the erection process is factored into the project design.

With the experience of the PCS team a partnership can be developed with the Project Design Team and assist in developing new solutions, by providing critical design information at early development stages. This can assist in the choice of precast concrete as the correct solution to the building design development.